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Stickman Prison: Counter Assault Download QR-Code Stickman Prison: Counter Assau Developer: Price: Free The prison strike in stick city is out of control – the every stickman prisoner has a gun and is trying to escape jail! Luckily, the police swat team is launching a counter attack and shoot any terrorist stickmen. ◘ Play as either a stickman prisoner or police ( swat ) ◘ Assault – style level ◘ Easy shooting controls, lots of guns! ◘ Lots of camping and counter – attack points ◘ 3D stickman models WebGL Version Stickman Prison: Counter Assau Price: Free ‎Stickman Prision Price:...

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“AR (Augmented reality) is not just new abbreviations, it is the future of our technology. Just think People being able to see expensive house fittings in their home or offices before even buying it and now this is our reality.AR is not just Snapchat and Instagram filters, AR is shaping how e-commerce works people are now capable to imitate real store experience in their home. Sellers will have an opportunity to sell their product globally and people will have a better way to choose a product. But the Biggest Impact is in Medical Science with the help of AR and Machine learning Google able to detect breast cancer metastases in lymph node specimens, and prostate cancer in prostatectomy specimens, it can also detect other infectious diseases including tuberculosis and malaria. Actually I just mentioned only two areas where AR is changing how business or medical science works but there are many more areas like vehicle automation which is becoming the big thing in developed countries, I think this will make accidents history, so let start with simple AR app to choose house fitting and we will see how AR will change the way we do...

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AR Mapbox Using Watson Voice Recognition

In this video, we show map box in AR and for voice commands, we will use Watson IBM voice recognition. Mapbox is An open source mapping platform for custom designed maps and IBM Watson voice recognition helps us to give voice commands. when we say “hi” it will change the view of the map and when we say “hello” it will change buildings style. Showing map in AR is exactly like watching the world in your room and you can move around world buildings and see your streets. We show 5 map views and also 5 map styles which will give you different looks of maps Please Watch this video to know...

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